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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


O nce upon a time there were no nurseries, since this isle, the concrete/asphalt one, is not the British ones.  Therefore, women mostly, were into plants, flowers, bushes and herbs.

Pride in the appearance, the rarity,
how useful were the plants was  part of it here, and anywhere.  I am not any different but it goes beyond.  My satisfaction comes out of the birds, reptiles, insects, common or rare as the previous post, beneficial or not. 

The names in Spanish are the common names used in Puerto Rico, USA of the following in the same order:
Diffenbachia, Pothos, Crotons and Hibiscus.

The second and fourth are worth commenting since one was found in glass vases indoors and the last, is are named Amapolas, however in the most of the world that term signifies Poppies. 

Perhaps there are many others such
as: oregano, recao, albahaca, aji, and medicinal ones also in demand in those days.  But that story is for some other time.

Let it suffice that gardens before the arrival of useless nurseries, tied to the first urban projects based on the cookie cut mold of Levitt and Sons, during the sixties, were created from seed exchanges, swapping and propagating at home.

I will have to write a post on propagation to kill two birds on these issues.

Final word.  A few months ago some idiot in, referred to botanical names identifying whatever, as epitaphs on a tombstone.

My pen name will look wonderful. Here is Antigonum Cajan. The one and only. Trend Setter, kicking butts, humble as hell, dogmatic as no other,
with great noir sense of humor, impatient and intolerant with stupidity, an always aware of his limitations.

Left no disciples since the early misanthropic views got more intense as time went by.  The more misanthropic the better the collection and once in a while his writing, that bai di guay, went into the abominable third person, god knows why.

Apaga i vamonoh.

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