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Thursday, November 11, 2010


F or quite some time I have noticed in, an incredible amount of
writer/gardeners dealing with bulbs, bulb forcing, nurseries, quality/variety  of plants available, their cost and so on.

The exact same thing takes place all the time in I am sick of it, therefore my duty is to denounce it and offer the only, possible solution to
these incapable/ignorant/lazy/complacent,  men and women spending valuable time buying plants in nurseries, following the trend impositions and 'new' plants, from these gaudy for profit  nurseries, without any sense, respect or interest in biodiversity, flora and faun

The wise gardener is able to propagate, to swap, exchange, collect interesting, healthy, appropriate for his/her soil, microclimate without any useless, silly market influences.

To be continued... 


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  1. Me encanta leerlo, aprendo mucho de usted.

    Hasta pronto, un fuerte abrazo.