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Saturday, November 27, 2010


AS  usual, down this here mean concrete/asphalt usa territory, where its native and ilegally imported sad people will pass away of nothing, some
good willing feeble minded islanders, probably tripping on green fads under acid/amphetamines
or just unemployment and heat, created a group DUNES SAVIORS OF ISABELA, with adolescent indecent exposure in where else, feisbuk.

I a son of a beach if there is one, pondered about this act out of boredom.
Immediately inquiring about the botanical list of plants, ground covers, trees and bushes to be planted in such a humanitarian effort to save dunes in the locality mentioned or any where else if I may.

The jerks responded that another jerk ghost, some Papo Vives would provide the list.  The invisible one never did.

Six months later, your humble servant will provide the inventory list from a public document in my hands since 1980, when I started what would become a legendary effort in the shallow
gardening blog scene, three decades later.

Sporobolus virginicus 
Spartina paten
Ipomoea pre-caprae
Scaveola plumieri
Lippia nodiflora
Canavalia maritima
Sesuvium portulacastrum
Remirea maritima
Ipomoea stolonifera
Bidens pilosa
Chamaesyca buxifolia
Tephrosia cinerea
Cyperus planifolius
Sanseveria guianensis
Diodia maritima
Achyranthes indica
Wedelia trilobata
Pectis humifusa
Mollugo verticillata
Boerhavia diffusa
Emilia sanchifolia

Let the record show that I do not pretend that everyone move to New York to get a certificate in Commercial Horticulture Landscape Management as I did during 2000/02, in the New York Botanical Garden.

What I  expect is RESEARCH, when  I started on this adventure 1969, with my first letter published in a local newspaper, my views were not based on notions, study and research, just impressions based on a critical not fuck you, but focus.

A manual for environmental managers

Ramon F. Martinez
Luis Encarnacion
Luz M. Cruz
Department of 007 Natural Resources
Government of Puerto Rico, USA.

Apagad e iros
To Ricky Lopez in Aibonito
Arboles de Puerto Rico
Amigos del Bosque San Patricio
Sierra Club
Puertorriquenhos identificando
i no se que mierda nunca me acuerdo.

Por que las buenas intenciones de idiotas e ignorantes, siempre quedan,
se vuelven agua i sal.


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