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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


S ome time ago I wasted my time trying to connect with some Vegetarian Priestess, Magha Garcia,
in related themes of agricultural, medicinal and cooking herbs.

She from the concrete/asphalt wild west in turn had some relation with some priest, a ghost if you ask me,
Papo Vives. Both created one of those still live blogs:  Your humble servant appears as a collaborator but the two scumbags have published 3 transcendental posts, in twenty four months. The only good thing in yerbabruja is my inventory of 2009!

Back in the studio, to our previous post regarding plants found in almost every home in Puerto Rico, before the nurseries for the feeble minded became custom and use, here is a list for those interested.

Rosmarinus officinale
Origanum vulgare
Ocimun basilicum
Capsicum annuum/frutescens
Coriandrum sativum

Medicinal Department

Pepperomia pellucida
Petroselinum crispun
Aloe vera
Bryophylum pinatum

When I was a child, my mother kept some of these plants in our mostly concrete backyard.  I remember being cured with Aloe for burns and ear ache with Bryophylum. I was probably in third grade of elementary school.

In those days before liberation, women were useful at home, with many plants in the yard,  to cure more than one 
illness from body or spirit, internal or external.  Swapping and sharing all sort of plants, was very common in some segments of the population. After all, there was no money for doctors, or available hospitals within reach.  It was a skill, pertinent to families, society as a whole.

All that knowledge is gone and forgotten, underestimated, except for some people, enlightened ones, whose vegetarian, holistic ideas about nature cures are cult like, keeping to themselves as if they were the chosen ones.

Yours truly on the other hand, misanthropic and all does not see any difference between this gardening or that.  I cover the whole court with a clear view of the issues...There is too much human contact, computers are for learning, sharing, kicking butt, setting trends.

The Puerto Rico I grew up, is just memories, really vague, obscure, opaque.  Now, it is a day light nightmare daily.  Collecting, propagating and planting keeps me cheerful as I can.  And you can perceive. Bilingual laugh.

Apaga i vamonoh.

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