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Monday, November 15, 2010


Antigonum (2010), mentioned this unusual insect on his blog two days ago, while on daily monitoring for insect damage, I noticed this thin 3 inches, slimy, elongated, flat, mostly brown, with the moves of a slug and a hammerhead, insect roaming on a wall in the north garden.

Since I was infected recently, it scare the hell out of your humble servant. Fortunately, there is the web, and some research skill.

Land Planarians or Arrowheads are their common name.  Considered beneficials in some circles, eating slugs and such, they also eat earthworms and each other. 

If interested go to:,
or Galveston County Master
Gardeners: Beneficials in the Garden.

Time to go. Apagad e idnos.

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