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Saturday, June 4, 2011


YESTERDAY, as I was returning from the market, a friendly woman approaches me to inquire about some elongated, spiny like plant in me garden. I inquired as to its location.  Is it in a corner? Yes, said the inquirer.

Asparagus, says I. Making a typical face of the unbeliever since that name is associated with the edible ones, being family and all.  

Her curiosity was triggered by Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers', perhaps the most attractive among these ornamentals. This variety is unusual in the San Juan metro area. Ours were bought in Guanica City, around eighty miles from here.

The best part of the story is that since we were chatting in front of their house, I had noticed months ago another rare  plant, Sanseveria cylindrica they got in recycled paint cans in the sidewalk.

I suggested the swap, and today she appeared with her grand daughter, giving me a holler. And the adventure was consumated. She took hers and I planted mine.

Before I go, let me share that while on the botanical name research in one of my reference books  TWO DK plants in my collection were accidentally found: Malpighia coccigera and Neomarica caerulea.

The first was a request from yours truly to Myrta, domestic help of pain in the ass Lucy Laborde. The second a present from Rengui my inlaw.

In brief the collection keeps growing even if no new plants arrive, while discovering their botanical names.

that is that
until next


Nature present plants in many shapes, ways 
and forms...however cylindrical leaves of this size are 
not very common.

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  1. muy bien, yo tengo esos esparagos frente a mi casa, los sembré porque aguantan mucho sol y muy interesantes las hojas cilíndricas