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Sunday, May 29, 2011


I usually post about vegetation joining the collection, but some leave the premises for different reasons. Cnidoscolus chayamansa a small tree,  was unable to grow in such a manner that would enhance the collection.  I know the leaves have medicinal uses that you will certainly find out, but it was  not enough.

In this  life departing department, I had to execute tens of caterpillars of the Plumeria and Allamanda  persuassion with my secret hot sauce pest control. Forgive me lord because I have sinned. It is not a nice sensation but this time the victim is looking too good, without any rust. Otherwise, other would have been them caterpillars(Tethrio Sphinx Moth) destiny.  In addition, I got rid of a couple of leaves with around fifty eggs.

In the caterpillar department another adventure developed. For the first time in five years I got the chance to watch some 
munching  Jathropha gossipifolia  leaves, an endemic kind.  I allowed them to live since none seem to move when you stare. On the other hand, this small tree is self seeding. If you pay attention, you could hear the seeds popping like fire crackers, flying away naturally, but more so when irrigated after a hot day. Barleria repens, Dipteracanthus prostratus are other two with similar habits..

 Let the record show this type is not the Jathropha planted in millions of acres of Indonesia, Costa Rica and other places for bio fuel...A certainly foolish and destructive  agro bussiness.

Finally for show, the seed pod of Datura stramoniun. One of those rare medieval weapon looking creatures of nature. As you know this relative of Brugmansias, is not sold. I collected it 36 months ago. Once one survives, you will have it forever, thanks to the amount of seeds and incredible survival rates.

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