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Friday, May 13, 2011


YOU ARE RIGHT.  The similarity between last names is  not accidental. It is fifty percent me nome de plume. My first name derivates from one of the most interesting vines in the wild in Puerto Rico, originally from Mexico. Curious? Write me first name and you will find out.

Getting back to our new inductee, let the record show that it is part of our gastronomy. It is also a favorite in other places in the Caribbean.  In Puerto Rico, is an iconic dish with rice, even though one can create many concoctions with these beans of intense and peculiar color and fragrance.

I got the seeds from the abandoned next door house.. Only one was planted to avoid rumors  about the theoretical allelopathy from this small bush.

The plus one in the tittle is the Spathiphyllum, a present, an totally inadequate plant for Santurce or any hot, dry and flat topography, not far from the Atlantic.  This silly looking plant requires cool and humid environments.  By the guai, the two behind it, are Pseuderantemun carruthersii, interesting and not abused bushes.

Spathifhyllum are abused in too many instances. Not long ago, in one of my other blogs, I used the expression common place plants, since they are in every other backyard in Puerto Rico, and a couple of lame bloggers from Florida felt insulted. This plant, like others in template countries may be a big deal for some one track mind gardeners, but who cares. A garden is a whole, not divided parts.

Thanks to Amanda Abella...... for her kind review. A compliment to yours truly for  this blog: and check the  other recommended blogs...if you may...

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  1. Los gandules y las habichuelas negras son mis favoritos. Aunque no se con que nombre se conoce por aca, es muy bonita la flor de san diego. Gracias por el cumplido de la plantilla... y ya que empezó con los ajíes, anímese y siembre los pepinillos. Como usted tiene muchas flores de seguro habrá muchas abejas para polinizar las flores de esta planta. Un tiesto grande, algo para que se enrede, agua, composta o abono y velar un gusanito que le hace zurcos a las hojas.

  2. Agradezco las recomendaciones. Sera asunto de conseguir semillas. Si le interesa intercambiar. Haga una lista de lo que tiene disponible i mire en mi inventario algo que le interese i ya...Por correo es sencillo...Fin.