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Friday, June 17, 2011


I REITERATE, there are too many blogs with pretty flowers.  So far, in the concrete/asphalt where I reside,  only ENID, has the virtue of writing about beauty and ugliness regularly in her garden.

My crop of papayas last year was rather good, with 17, versus 2, of which one has felll prey to slugs and other flying insects. The other one may survive with a ziploc aid.

These mollusks are hermaphoroditic, which makes us ponder about the rejection of homosexuality in every church/society, considering that nature has its own perversities If I may.

Slugs are pretty simlar to snails in structure and biology except for the external spiral shell.

No, I appreciate it but no. Do not tell me how to exterminate them unless is a secret that only you know and would get rid of them at once.

I have been thinking that killing may really affect me karma in the next life. 

That is that.

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  1. que clase de boquete, jamás pensé que pudieran comerse algo de esa forma... lo que si he visto es que babean las hojas de las hortalizas ... me gusta la idea de la ziploc. en mi patio no hemos podido cosechar papayas, ni siquiera echan flores, las plantas comienzan a crecer bien bonitas y luego las hojas se ponen amarillas y se arrugan. ahora vamos a tratar sembrandolas en tiestos ... ya le contaré :)