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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


IT is hard,  perhaps impossible to understand, tolerate or accept most criminal behavior of any kind at any level. Take for example the global banking bankruptcy thanks to embezzlement and avarice.

The culprits are mostly in the free community except in very few cases.  On the contrary,  the majority of working people and and retired will have to pay it back.  The tax evaders get amnesty in Spain, those with a pension will pay more for everything;

In Puerto Rico the situation is the same and getting worse. Here, besides the financial bankruptcy,  a population close to 3.5 million and the whopping number of over 3 million vehicles in  a100 by 35 miles isle, you could  imagine the quality of the air in most urban and non urban contexts in addition to noise levels 24/7. 

The alienation from nature, flora and fauna is astounding. This post is a token of just one street.  One would expect the environmental fools over here paying more attention to this insane destruction every day, every week, month, year after year.

The killing and mutilation of our trees by individuals, groups, Universidad Sagrado Corazon, public and private sectors, particularly housing and highway developers, in addition to the butchers working for the electrical power company AEE seems to have no end.

Meanwhile every environmental jerk, individual, groups and government agencies waste their time educating children as if they could kill and mutilate as shown in the photos at left.

Giving away trees to every fool in a futile attempt to compensate the destruction of 30 year old trees, only add to the problems mentioned since most people have no idea of where to plant, which tree is adequate and even less to prune or eliminate it at the right time to avoid the problems presented here. 

NOW if you live in Puerto Rico, I suggest to take a walk by Ponce de Leon avenue in Santurce.  Nine out of 10 of the 800 trees standing in the sidewalks will probably have a similar end...soon or later.

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  1. Terrible tree butchery - today's society is so disconnected with nature, horticulture, etc.

    1. At every level, individuals and society in general. Yet at the same time they talk about global warming...