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Monday, July 23, 2012


THIS post was planned to be around the last two, but in the process, that lonely pollinator appeared out of the blue, changing the picture.  You probably heard about bee collapse. Well, in our garden from twenty regulars, there are probably four now.  Butterflies have remain steady, maybe 5 a month, but black beetles visit regularly in good numbers 5/8 twice a day.

Anolis lizards are beautiful company on my daily trips to every garden 
morning and evening.  At night, some sleep in particular leaves, waiting for lunch.  You may notice from the close distance in the photos, these are not shy.  How long that will be the case I can not say. The arrival of  Lalo, enjoying to jump on them  will change has changed that.

The good health of our garden is no doubt result of the abundance of this dinosaur looking reptiles of  many colors and size.  The are wise creatures that often keep close by yours truly while spraying to catch those insects taking flight when the water hits the fan.

Finally, the flowers are here for one reason. If you have read how acidity  in  soil changes color in certain species, here is one example.  The Plumeria with the light pink gave birth to the seeds of the dark one five years ago.

This is the only Plumeria variety I have seen with seed pods in Puerto Rico.  I kept some, giving the rest to some friends. Two survived, this is the first to bloom. 

There is not much else to add. If curious...inquire within.

 that is that 


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