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Monday, July 9, 2012


iI AM  not  much of an edible gardener, never was, never will. My thing is the non edible department, yet I can theorize like anyjuan else on the merits, practice, means and ends of this area, fad among some, of horticulture.

Here is my first pumpkin. 15 and a half pounds, on the fifth attempt.  It grew over the branches of a few plants in the south garden, looking for the sun. They are gluttons for it.  Cucurbitas in me garden, have a great advantage over other edibles. You plant the seed and  forget them, they will do their thing.

Besides a historical moment in my garden, this vegetable, along Capsicum frutescens did something nice for me favorite tree, Coccoloba uvifera, their leaves became the favorite dinner  for some endemic brown beetles mentioned before in this space, allowing the latter to look nice and dandy. 

About the tittle, it was that or Pumpkin Blues....I prefer the other.

until then

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