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Not recommended for gardeners depending only on nurseries for the practice.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you look at the map of America, the geographical possibilities to find out what is going on with the horticultural scene are rather few.
Gardening and horticultural aesthetics do not seem relevant to the average citizen.  It does not matter the ethnic, gender, sexual preference, social, age, religion, economical, educational segment of the population, it is real.

However, I decided to practice gardening to the best of my skills, credentials, experience and botanical certificate from the NYBG.

From what I observe, many gardeners with blogs in any continent, depend exclusively on nurseries and opinions expressed by others in a vacuum without references or trajectory. Buying, selling, pretty photos,  seem to be the important issues within this group.

My approach is a little different. I collect, propagate, make compost and my own soil. This way I avoid bringing home, diseases from nurseries. 

Here is the inventory of what I have propagated from
seed*, cut stems**
and division ***, during the last six months
4 white Plumerias **
1 Allamanda
6 Turnera subulata
1 Thunbergia alata
3 Pseuderantemun reticulatum
4 Origanum vulgare
3 Rosmarinum officinale
4 Ocimun basilicum
3 yellow Hibiscus
2 Capsicum florescens
12 Pedilanthus tuberose ***
3 Manihot esculenta
15 Mirabilis siciliana *
3 Carica papaya


  1. your message is one I think many will start to listen to...I for one will be following in hopes of learning from you the lessons you have to message is different as well but I want to be responsible for what I do to this Earth...many are catching this message and hopefully through blogs like yours it will spread..thx for your blog

  2. I appreciate your words. Gardening is one way to improve our surroundings, for aesthetics, noise reduction or for edible possibilities.

    Anyone is free to move in his/her direction. Setting trends or following the herd. I have chosen the first.

    Good luck in your projects.

  3. Me gusta la foto de la silla con la mesa, lo imagino tomando una limonada después de un arduo día de trabajo.

    Hasta pronto,un abrazo.

  4. Y ese arreglo de tu mesa tan amoroso con la naturaleza, también gusta.

  5. Saludos en este nuevo año y mucho éxito en sus proyectos. Me encantan las amapolas, tengo en tres colores: roja, amarilla y anaranjada. Este año quiero sembrar una blanca y una rosada.

  6. Chomp, la foto original tenia algo de broma. Aparecen dos sillas. Una luego de la aplicacion de aceite de linaza i antes.

    En el tiesto de bonsai, las flores de Bouganvillea fue una ocurrencia del momento, la planta es realmente rara,
    Pedilantus tuberose, i fue un tema previo: Nardos i Gardenias.

    Enid las amapolas o Hibiscus tienen gran importancia historica. Antes de que surgieran los viveros comerciales, individuos i companhias de manejo/instalacion de areas verdes
    era dominante en los jardines de madres i abuelas...

    Por esto, su belleza, restaurant favorito de reinitas i zumbadores para libar a diario. Los Hibisucus, tienen una relevancia, presencia que supera a muchas otras a mi juicio.

    Agradezco vuestras palabras..Besitos i abrazos....