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Friday, January 21, 2011


SOME time ago I reported me fans, informing the pathetic situation in some museum of art in Puerto Rico, to a woman with more tittles than the duchess of Alba, that by di guay is a fan of the Real Betis.

Lilliana is her name, (
Well, I have the credentials to do consultant jobs regarding any aspect of landscape installation/maintenance, ALL of them.
As usual, pro-bono.  After I wrote a list of everything wrong with the property and inclined, hazardous Eucaliptus in the sidewalk in front, she got cute. 

In the silly back and forth messages in feisbuk, "Shakespeare, Versailles, happy mediums", were the academic lame slick utterances...followed by 'lets talk'.

In typical academic demeanor she went to mention the Keebler soda crackers tin cans used as pots in the ancient past, in Puertorico's cities/towns/country side, before the sterile cookie mold nurseries became the rule, in her vicinity.  In mine, the recycled cans were Sultana, un nombre con justa fama.  The brands could start a sociological debate, but not now.   But let the record show that recycling is something people with imagination, with money or not, have always done as in this example.

As a tribute to her, el museo de arte, and the ivory towered puertorican pundits in every academic field I dedicate this post.


oval galvanized steel
Barleria repens/Clitoria ternatea
Sideways terracota frog acquired by the missis in charge. It is a good time to tell the reader that Barleria and Turneras (3species) occupy
the most space in the collection, also as individual plants.
 Sideways endemic Zamia, among others, plant a present from Rengui, me inlaw.
Terracota on top of 
Capsicum florescens
Citrus sinensis
DK cranberry like 
fruit tree
Concrete, pot is one of two, a present from Don Miguel, neighbor and #1 garden fan.
Myosotis, Asparagus and Turnera subulata

that is that...

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  1. How could I refuse your invitation to come and have a look! Need more time to go through properly because, like us, you grow much from seed and cuttings.

    I hope I don't forget - I am getting a bit doddery now!

    Best regards