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Sunday, January 2, 2011


with the nature at hand..

When living under my concrete/asphalt surroundings, anyone could enhance their immediate flora and fauna, planting guerrilla style*; broad leaf weeds, vines, bushes and plants growing wild in this city context.
The only requirements for success, is the self seeding behavior of the chosen species on one hand.  On the other, some aesthetic value that will change in each situation or individual.
On a necessary third hand, drought, heat, sun resistance
and salty breezes species will certainly do well.

Cosmos sulphureous is so strong that it will survive in broken cinder blocks debris as shown at right.
Rainy days are the best time to proceed, since the force of the drops hitting the ground will disperse soil particles all over.  The increase in humidity will accelerate the viability and seeds opening.
This is one of my favorite aspects of setting trends.  I have dealt with this more than once  in endemismotrasnochado and antigonumcajaneveningpost.,
about it more than once for the last five years.

if interested:
 Merremia quinquefolia
Ipomoea quamoclit/aegyptia
Clitoria ternatea
Cosmos sulphureous
Passiflora foetida/pallida l.
Centrosema pubescens
Crotalaria retusa
Bauhinia monandra
Hibiscus cannabinus
Urena lobata

This inventory is the one I have planted at the time, but it has no limits, it depends on what I find on my strolls or during extremely rare car trips around the isle on  ill kept roads and highways.

A couple are DK, if you know the botanical name, share it if you will.


  1. Great to see a blog from as far as burkina. Very informative and happy to see that most of plants are which i am growing in my subtropical climate.

  2. I'm sorry baby as usual I couldn't really understand your comment other than being your typical form of misguided insult. I guess.

    Perhaps you should start wearing your bifocals when you type?

    I see your still as hypocritical and nasty as always. Glad to see some things never change!!!