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Saturday, May 5, 2012


THE fun of gardening beyond the hole, digging and such is the research, finding what, why, how, at least in me neck of the concrete/asphalt woods.

This time is the nice looking white moth with pink spots found one early morning while sweeping the beautiful paper like Bouganvillea flowers in the west garden.

It was the first time in years I have seen it. Took the photos, went to the web and nothing...All the info was from people in cold climates. Nothing from my region. It seems down here bloggers mostly infatuated with: palms, turf, Ficus, Ixoras, orchids bromelias, heliconias and gingers do not research or investigate satisfied with their provincial installations watching from their rocking chairs.

The hell with that thought yours truly after 30 minutes of: white moth of Bouganvillea and nothing...Yet I found an ugly as hell moth I have never encountered down this sandy, salty ecoregion.

As a bonus, before and after. One of the corners in my garden.  When you live in a mostly concrete regtangle, corners become focal points and/or conversation pieces, at least in my imagination. 

You surely know  the name of the plants and will agree with me wife who had been requesting that I got rid of the certainly ugly succulent,  providing some contrast.

If interested..


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