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Sunday, February 19, 2012


THERE are hundreds  of gardening blogs.  However, about ball and burlap, not much is written, is not even mentioned.  You may find what it is all about, in youtube.  What has to be understood, is the principle,  since in our case, neither one is present.  The tools are in the photo.  The hole around the trunk has to be deep and wide enough to reach most roots without any hacking, that is why you need hand pruners. Broken ones need to be clean cut, as any branch. Be patient and take your time.

The relocated  yellow Plumeria was kept straight, with a wire for 2 years. It kept twisting looking for light as the shade culprit kept expanding its branches towards the victim.  I had two options,  pruning the responsible for the shade, a Bouganvillea, the rest of my life, or relocation. The Polyscia was removed to create more space for our hero.

The small root  system, neither wide, nor deep of each, made the task more simple than expected. The sandy soil was also helpful.
It took me less than one hour to do all the activity presented in the in the photos.

If you are curious ask...I would not try to relocate valuable vegetation, unless you have been exposed to some training, experience and the propler tools.  Thanks to me darling for helping with  the  planting of patient one in his new home.

If you do what you have to, without hurting the patient, success will be yours.  Happy relocations.  

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