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Friday, February 3, 2012


TWO hours after Terrorist with a Trimmer,, saw the light in feisbuk, out of the blue, a municipal policeman on a bike, appeared to take pictures and inquire about the abandoned,  house/garden featured.

It seems that pig headed Nuno, or whom ever was offended, wanted to ruffle me feathers. The officer stated that someone presented a complaint.  When I inquired regarding what, the vegetation on the photos is the culprit.

I have spent plenty of time pruning, trimming, cleaning on the premises during the last 44 months, them public servants assumed it was my property. When I informed the biked policeman the high yellows in laws of  Leo, are the owners, his smile disappeared and left.  

In Puerto Rico, almost everyjuan perceive any vegetation in general or vines as a hindrance, in particular those growing wild, spread by wind, birds or water.  This beholder declares vines are particularly attractive growing in any abandoned space
making difficult  the entering and exit to bums, providing
security If I may. 

In any fence, cyclone fences for example, vines hide the metal, dull ugliness, providing housing and nectar for birds and insects.  They reduce noise, heat with the added aesthetics of their flowers.  

I decided to post on these issues since vegetation is perceived as garbage, like any other garbage you could think of.  All this will be destroyed soon or later. I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile here is the inventory.

Vitis vinifera
Cannavalia maritima
Merremia aegyptiae
Passflora foetida/edulis
Clerodendrum thompsonae

Cajanus Cajan

Spathodea campanulata
Melicoccus bijugatus

Tecoma stans
Gossypium herbaceum
Alternathera brasiliana
Ruellia britonniana

Ground covers

The inventory does not include the vegetation shown  in the first photo.  However, some of the above, also hang out in this space..The last picture, is my favorite for the contrasts in light/shade, angles, textures and so on. If you want to 
check them with a better resolution, drop by flickr.

Words of wisdom

Beauty may be in the eyes of the
beholder, only if he/she
is not a blind, deaf, mute
hog, without any concept
of what beauty is or should be
in the urban context.
The concrete/asphalted one
surrounding, asphyxiating
your humble servant.

that is that

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  1. People who consider plants as a hinderance are so sad, because of the wrong plant in the wrong place, or a lack of maintenance skills! The same often go to their popular place to buy plants, choose plants to install that they will later regret, leaving them for the next owner of their property. And so on.