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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I  was away for some time,  but have kept my interest in the horticultural scene, mostly my own, for reasons discussed here or in endemismotrasnochado, the original blog...There is nothing much happening beyond me humble garden.

Here a couple of photos that have never appeared in any of my multiple blogs, since they have never bloomed until now.

The Brunfelsia pausiflora, a Solanacea was a present.  Cut stem in  water until it developed some roots. Planted in the west garden, front of the house. It is significant for one reason. It is not tolerant of the surroundings where I live, a mile from the Atlantic with  salty breezes, heat, sandy soil and no humidity.  It prefers altitude, humidity and some shade.  The common name in the photo in case you do not know refers to  the change in color as time go by...Just like another rarity in my  collection the Gloriosa Rothschildiana. It starts yellow....passing away red. I have never seen either one out of me garden  in the San Juan Metro Zone, except for one variety of the second  in Centro Equestre, not too far from here.    

The Plumeria has Catholic roots...It was confiscated from the Archbishop Office in Baldorioty de Castro Avenue, 3 years ago. Cut stem in sand.  Plumerias are resistant to drought, heat, salty breezes, rust, and the green/black caterpillars  that twice a year attack their leaves....becoming huge beautiful moths later. 

Any Plumeria will compensate gardeners with their unique fragrance, in my opinion  only comparable to Gardenia augusta and Polianthes tuberosa.      However in  my  collection yellow, pink, red and white, the latter have the most intense scent. 

that is that

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