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Sunday, August 28, 2011


IT is a little difficult to explain how these small delicate flowers fill a room with their sublime scent, only comparable to Gardenia augusta, or Plumeria rubra.

To possess it, to have it in my room, close by while I write these lines, an horticultural trip like no other..

The truth is  that Polianthes tuberosa does not have any beauty worthy a grain of salt.  Its follliage,  Allium like, weed wise, the stalks can reach 52 inches.  However, the ivory flower itself, is a delicate beauty, with a distinctive scent I can trace back 50 years in my dusty memories.

That could be a wide subject for future arguments. Flowers: Fragrance or Beauty?   A great majority of blogs and gardeners are stuck with having the biggest, best looking flowers of this or that..Not your humble servant....give some fragrance anytime. Beauty in the tropics is not abundant, heat/sun/rain are enemies of flowers...

Others may refute with heliconias, gingers and bromeliads, but sorry, I do not care for them...

that is that.

Some more  information about Polianthes,  in a wider secheme of things:

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  1. me gusta esta flor ... blanca y sencilla :)