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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I decided that to be able to claim being a trend setter, spanning the globe...I could not follow the herd..Not that there is anything wrong with it. However I always wonder, as a critic, why should I post a photo that anyjuan could find a hundred times in the web or any gardening post?

That is why Calathea loeseneri and Chrysothemis pulchella appear here. The fine flower from this Calathea has the texture and colors of Bird of Paradise, an impressive, excellent flower for arrangements.
The next one, has an exuberant foliage, shiny and attractive. Neither one is a common place in any garden down here or many blogs anyjuere.

The agavacea to right of the last mentioned was bought from a catalog during the New York exile.

It is eleven years old.  The first two have been in my collection for the last year. I have to thank Rengui, my inlaw and collaborator with many decades of expertise.. 

The green scary iguana, is the bonus...Scared the hell out of your humblenees this morning. Not native or endemic, has become a plague in our environment. The urban and rural, including sea shores, mangroves, everyjuere...They are the result of scum bags who imported them, followed by the mentally retards buying and throwing them away when bored.

The vegetation is in the north garden. The iguana, in the west.

that is that.


  1. Hola amigo, le devuelvo la gentileza de comentar en mi blog. Estoy admirando sus blogs, veo que se toma mucho trabajo en ellos, y a mi me simpatiza la gente que hace cosas.
    He visto el perrito omiendo pastel, muy lindo!
    Nos leémos!
    Un saludo cordial desde Argentina!

  2. Agradezco su gesto. Cinco de cada diez tienen esa gentileza. Hasta la proxima.