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Friday, July 1, 2011


I believe gardening should be a pleasurable activity without any high intensity shores. Hedges, bonsais, turf, pruning and trimming are out of the question, not in my garden, with very few exceptions.

The white house right in front of ours has new owners. The old fart had already marked his territory destroying for good all the little vegetation in front.  The house in question had this shitty, ill pruned croton/hibiscus hedge and a couple of Dracaena marginata.  Nevertheless,  it served some purpose, at least from my critical view. It offered privacy for them and myself. When I sit in our porch, I did not have to look/see  their ugly mugs..

It reduced the noise and glare.  Theoretically, vegetation for hedges should be any with small leaves, like bonsais, more or less, preferably small, slow growth bushes. 

Not in Puerto Rico. The fools for hire, property owners plant  three or four varieties of Ficus. Such stupidity most be native/endemic.
But I will not get into that aspect of our island nation gardening trends in the asphalt/concrete isle. Not today.

Back to the studio.

With the passing of time, I am learning that perfection is something not everyone achieve and or aim for.  The hedge featuring in this post is an example. It was not perfect, aesthetically dubious,  but it was useful.


  wet picture of 
me garden...The first ever...

that is that

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  1. No me agradan los bonsai los encuentro....castrantes.