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Friday, June 1, 2012


AFTER  failed attempts  to grow Cucurbitas in the north/east, one in the south garden,  finally reached adulthood.  Pumpkins are expected to grow flat on the ground.  Well, that is  the case if the sun is not obstructed as  it happens on any side of our house

Our pumpkin, about ten pounds,  stretches the vine as it gains weight.  It will soon become part of a ham/lentil or seven bean soup or just boiled and eaten with butter. 

I did not know it until last night, but the leaves of pumpkin are fine food for Phyllophaga portorricencis. These insects were discovered  feasting on it, while another culprit was in my dear Capsicum frutescens

The damage is aesthetic. These beetles were featured before munching on Coccoloba uvifera and all my Hibiscus

As I grow older, at this stage I care not if they chew or not. I am not going to get rid of them.
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  1. Veo que tiene nuevos amigos antigonum, y una sabrosa calabaza.


  2. Es asi Chomp.....aqui este enlace acabado de encontrar muy valioso si uno esta en la onda de los huertos, los originales del continente, la flora i fauna....