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Sunday, November 27, 2011


 editors note
Merremia umbelata is the dk yellow flower in the picture at right, found out on 10 December 2011.

IT has been a while since I posted anything on  the premises.  Let the record show that in this particular blog, I try to stay away from what is posted, thought as pertinent in other gardening blogs in the same territory.

That yellow flower belongs to the first group in the title. I have been trying to find the botanical without much luck.  I know fifty percent of what I need to know.  Perhaps some kind spirit will tell me exactly what it is.

The one below is Centrosema pubescens. Sorry, you can not buy either one in any nursery down here, or perhaps there, where you reside in the tropics. These two are part of the vine collection, a number between 5 and 10.

When I look at photos from nurseries I can not recall seeing any vines of these kind on sale.

THAT being written, the other photo shows the north garden fence covered with the vines mentioned. It is the view from the village feeble minded side, next door.  

that is that

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