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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I know.  I have been away for too long. But who cares, there are over one hundred and fifty million blogs.

I have reached new Olympic first tomato, buahaja bilingual laugh. Solanum lycopersicum. It is the cherry kind. The ironic part of it is that I just dispersed the seeds in different contexts, you know south/north and so forth. This one will go blue in the inventory since I doubt very much it will become a permanent star in the collection.

Chorophytum comosum, very popular among mothers and grandmothers in the  past, before nurseries screw it. Imagination, propagation skills, good taste,  were murdered when they became a part of urban life. Not particularly amazing except their children/offspring hang out as if abandoned to their luck, in baskets. Therefore their name: Malamadre or Malpadre, down here.

The one I have is planted in a folkloric chickpeas hanging tin can from Goya, si es Goya tiene que ser bueno.  A present from Rengui, one of my closest collaborators in planting, propagating issues.

Tito Collazo the graphic artist legend across the street, and  owner of Dalila the pony like dog, gave me a Clerondendron quadriculate. A really pretty, not abused small tree around this neck of the asphalt/concrete.

And that is that. If you are serious about gardening in tropical latitudes I suggest:

W. Arthur Whistler
Timber Press 

This book is
one of my official
reference books.
That way I do not
have to ask. I research.

that is that.


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